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Velvet Rose Lash

Moon Light Lamp Vendor

Prix habituel
$19.99 CAD
Prix habituel
$19.99 CAD

Want to save money, customise your own moon lamp with your own logo & designs for a sleek professional look but don't want to lose money testing quality ? 

Well you are in luck we did the work for you, we tested over a dozen lamp vendors to find the perfect moon Lash lamp vendor and WE ARE SELLING OUR CONTACT! 

By purchasing our vendor & buying straight from the manufacturer , you will save anywhere between 150$-350$ !!! And you will get a super unique design & service gathered to you ! Wether you would like to buy one or buy in bulk we promise you our vendor will take good care of you and offer you the best possible deal ! 

Most manufacturers require a ridiculous minimum order to custom a product but our vendor will sell & custom with no minimum order when you mention our name ! Customisable in white / black & pink.

Once you purchase our vendors informations we will provide you with all the informations within 24 hours.