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Velvet Rose Lash

Heart Crystal Glue Tray

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This cute adhesive holder is a must have for Lash Artists. The Heart Crystal Glue Tray will help keep your adhesive fresh & will make fan making much easier. Increase your speed by using the empty heart wells to adjust the bases of your fans. Imperfect fan ? No worries, with the heart crystal glue tray you can adjust your fan after the dip. Fix tails, boxy bases and adjust fan width and symmetry, while keeping your glue cool & fresh !

Also compatible with classic lashing. 

How to Clean our Heart Crystal Glue Tray :
Soak your crystal glue tray in a container or mason jar filled with pure acetone.

Soak overnight for best results.

Clean with a gentle soap & rinse with water.

Noémie's Tip:
Refresh your adhesive drop every 15 minutes. 12 hearts wells x 15 minutes = 3 hours of use per tray! This can help you keep track of time with your clients.  It's helpful to have enough trays for the week. I like to use one per client for sanitary reasons. At the end of each appointment, I drop it into the jar of acetone to minimize adhesive fumes in the air.