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Velvet Rose Lash

NEW PRICE 9.99$ - LC & LD 0.03mm - Noir Luxe Collection

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$9.99 CAD

Introducing our Noir Luxe Collection Specialty Curl Mixed Trays. Deep Black Cashmere Lashes with a matte soft finish for a perfect blackout mega volume look. Our lashes were designed with a light stickiness making them a favorite for flower bouquet & the pinching method. The lashes come off the strip like a dream, leaving no residue or chunky base. Our cashmere lashes are handcrafted with the highest quality PBT.

♡ 16 rows per tray

♡ Foil backing for easy peeling & no residue on tiles.

♡ Lash curl, length & diameter are printed on each strip for easier organisation.

♡ Each lash tray has an custom sticker label (curl, length, diameter) on top for easier organisation.

♡ 2mm strip with light stickiness , created especially for the flower bouquet technique and compatible with many other fanning techniques.

♡ Dark matte finish , no shiny hue.

♡ Fibers are made of the highest quality PBT.