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Velvet Rose Lash

Bombshell - Curved Tweezer

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$44.99 CAD
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$44.99 CAD
$44.99 CAD

Our Bombshell Curved Tweezer is the perfect addition to your collection. 

Our Curved shaped tweezer is compatible with Mega Volume, Russian Volume, Hybrid & Classic lashes

Recommended Techniques :

-Flower Bouquet / Shimmy 


-Lonely fan

-Fan & grab  

All our tweezers are hand tested to ensure high quality.

♡ High quality stainless steel

♡ Laser cut diamond pattern for a non slip grip

♡ Thin & lightweight for increased comfort

♡ Medium grip to reduce hand fatigue

♡ Cute pastel high quality durable paint

♡ Laser engraved logo

How to care for your tweezers :
To ensure long lasting tweezers, the paint coating should not be soaked in acetone or preempt CS 20!

Simply soak the stainless tip of the tweezer in the disinfectant of your choice.