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Velvet Rose Lash

Easy Fan Lashes - Noir Luxe Collection

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$25.99 CAD
$25.99 CAD

Introducing our Easy Fan Collection.  Same Deep Black Cashmere Lashes as the Noir Luxe Collection but with a little extra help.  Easy Fan lashes have been arranged in a particular way on the strip that when picked up with a tweezer, they immediately fan! Easy Fan lashes are perfect for beginners at volume lashing & artists who struggle to make fans but still want to be able to provide full dense lashes to their clients. Easy fan lashes attach to the natural just like a flat lash. You can keep a case of them in case you ever need to hand make a few fans to fill in a set. If you are struggling to make mega volume fans, or tired from a long day of lashing, those will be a game changer for you!

16 rows per tray

Foil backing for easy peeling & no residue on tiles.

♡ Lash curl, length & diameter are printed on each strip for easier organisation.

♡ Each lash tray has an custom sticker label (curl, length, diameter) on top for easier organisation.

♡ Dark matte finish , no shiny hue. 

♡ Fibers are made of the highest quality PBT.

Noemie’s Tip: 

Easy fan volume lashes have a larger base than our Promades, for best result pinch the bottom of the lashes together to minimize the size of the base. Make sure to use less glue when applying these lashes to prevent stickies.