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Velvet Rose Lash

Bubbles Please Lash Shampoo - Unscented

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$14.99 CAD

It's all about selfcare baby girl ! Bubbles Please Lash Shampoo is sure to be your cleanser of choice! Our Lash Shampoo is a super gentle extra foamy cleanser specially formulated for eyelash extensions. Perfect for sensitive clients our formula doesn't sting the eyes and is perfume free.

Retail Bubbles Please Shampoo to your clients to help them protect their investment & overall eye health. Regular use maintains optimal lash retention, keeps lashes free of debris, and removes all makeup.

Available individually or in packs of 10. 

♡ Cute Retail Item

♡ Improves Retention

♡ Keeps Lashes Healthy

♡ Safe Makeup Remover

♡ Gentle & Effective Formula

♡ Cruelty Free🐰