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Velvet Rose Lash

New Microfiber Applicators - Pack of 50 & 100

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$6.99 CAD
$6.99 CAD

Introducing Velvet Rose Lash's Disposable Microfiber Applicators, the perfect tool for precise and efficient application in the beauty industry. Our applicators come in two convenient options: Regular Tip (bigger) in a pack of 50 and Micro Tip (smaller) in a pack of 100, ensuring you have the right tool for every application.

Designed for use with primer, bonder, or any other beauty product, these applicators are a must-have for beauty professionals and enthusiasts alike. The microfiber material ensures a smooth and even application, giving you the flawless results you desire.

Choose from our favorite Velvet Rose Lash brand colors – pink or purple – to add a touch of elegance to your beauty routine. The vibrant hues not only make these applicators functional but also a stylish addition to your beauty arsenal.

Key Features:
- Disposable Microfiber Applicators
- Regular Tip (bigger) - Pack of 50
- Micro Tip (smaller) - Pack of 100
- Ideal for applying primer, bonder, or performing various beauty procedures
- Velvet Rose Lash brand colors: Pink or Purple

Upgrade your beauty routine with Velvet Rose Lash Disposable Microfiber Applicators. Order yours now and experience the perfect blend of functionality and style!