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Velvet Rose Lash

NEW LIMITED EDITION • Banana Cutie Lash Primer

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$26.99 CAD
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$28.99 CAD
$26.99 CAD

Introducing Banana Cutie Lash Primer, the ultimate prelude to flawless lash extensions that will transport your clients to a tropical paradise of beauty. Enveloped in the delightful scent of ripe bananas, this limited edition primer sets the stage for an enchanting lash extension experience.

Elevate your lash extension service with the exclusive charm of Banana Cutie. Specially crafted for professional use, this premium primer prepares natural lashes by creating an optimal foundation. Its nourishing formula strengthens and conditions, ensuring longer-lasting, more captivating lash extensions.

As a limited edition gem, Banana Cutie Lash Primer adds an element of exclusivity to your services, providing clients with a memorable and indulgent journey. Let the scent of ripe bananas infuse relaxation and anticipation into the air as you work your lash magic.

For a lash extension experience that's as unique as it is enchanting, incorporate Banana Cutie Lash Primer into your repertoire. Elevate the art of lash extensions and offer your clients the allure of a tropical escape, one lash at a time.