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Velvet Rose Lash

Promades Lashes - Magical Volume - 400 fans per box

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$32.50 CAD

Dive into the enchanting world of lashes with our Magic Volume Promade Fans - where fantasy meets functionality in every flutter! Encased in an enchanted box adorned with mermaids, seashells, pearls, and empowering girl power quotes, this set is not just about lashes; it's a magical experience waiting to be unleashed.

Unveiling the Magic: Within this mystical box, discover 400 carefully crafted promade fans ranging from 4D to 12D. Each fan is a testament to precision and artistry, designed to give your clients the most captivating, voluminous lashes imaginable. With Magic Volume Promade Fans, achieving stunning volume sets has never been this effortless.

Classic Application, Magical Results: What sets our promade fans apart is their seamless application process. Just like classics, these fans are applied individually, transforming your volume sets with classic application techniques only. The best part? Your volume sets will now take significantly less time, allowing you to create masterpieces in record speed.

Effortless Beauty, Unparalleled Convenience: Handcrafting fans can be time-consuming and intricate, but with Magic Volume Promade Fans, you're stepping into a world of ease and convenience. Say goodbye to the hours spent meticulously crafting fans; say hello to swift, flawless applications that leave your clients breathless.

Versatile Elegance: Available in mixed trays ranging from 8mm to 14mm, these promade fans cater to every lash length and style. Create natural-looking volume or go bold and dramatic – the choice is yours. The versatility of these fans allows you to craft customized looks tailored to each client's unique personality and preference.

Why Magic Volume Promade Fans?

  • 🧜‍♀️ Enchanted Box: A Magical Presentation That Sets the Mood
  • 💫 400 Fans: Abundant Supply for Countless Mesmerizing Lash Creations
  • 🌟 Classic Application: Achieve Beautiful Volume Sets with Classic Techniques
  • ⏱️ Time-Saving: Spend Less Time, Create More Stunning Lashes
  • 🎨 Mixed Trays: Versatility to Cater to Every Client's Lash Needs

Step into the realm of magic and magnificence with our Magic Volume Promade Fans. Elevate your lash game, save time, and create spellbinding volume sets that leave a lasting impression. Unleash the magic today and let your clients' eyes tell a story of enchantment and allure! ✨👁️✨